(Light)Body Restoration: Exploring Freely


I filmed this video 5 weeks ago. My “experiment” ended with the return of my beloved Egg Salad to my grocery store salad bar (I had to laugh ~ the Divine has SUCH humor).

In these weeks that I was learning to trust the Divine to freely and spontaneously feed me, I gained ZERO weight, experienced more physical transformations into my true form, and transmuted SO MUCH food and body-related fear.

It’s an on-going process to TRUST the sovereignty of my energy and body, but it is certainly leading somewhere AH-MAZING.

My first body transformation video can be found HERE.

The sermon I referenced can be found HERE.

And a new sermon is ready for release this coming Sunday May 19th, so be on the lookout.

If something in this video speaks to you and/or FREES up some energy for you, thank me with a donation (prosperity is contagious). Bless you.

Kate StreetComment