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10 Fun Facts about Me

1.) I experienced prebirth communication with my children before they were born and now I help other mothers connect with their spirit babies AND the Divine on my other website

2.) I REALLY like junk food. My favorite meals are pizza and anything Mexican. I also have LOVED cheetos or any cheese product since childhood.

3.) I was on the Today Show back in 2012 with as we showed what REAL postpartum bellies looked like. (That's me in the wings.)

4.) Speaking of wings, from 2009-2015 I ran a blog called "My Everyday Magic" that was a daily gratitude blog. Each day a different "fairy" from around the world would post what they were grateful for that day and then commenters would write their own gratitude list. I was the Sparkle Fairy and would dress up in wings around my town to promote gratitude and random acts of kindness.

5.) In case you hadn't guessed already, I LOVE anything that sparkles. My home is practically encased in sequins.

6.) In 2013-2014 I did aerial silks. Ohhhh, I LOVED it. It was like dancing in the air! I injured myself, however, and had to stop. Plus it was just too much on my transforming body and I couldn't handle that level of activity. I KNOW I will return to it someday though, and this time the Divine will be holding me up.

7.) I birthed all my boys at home by unassisted homebirth. No doctor, no midwife, no doula ~ I even kicked my hubby out until the babies were born. I needed solitude to allow my body and energy to open up as needed. They were all peak experiences and something I'm very proud of.

8.) My husband and I used to have a successful personal training business and our own Fitness Show on two radio stations. Yeah, we used to tell people what to eat and how to exercise. Now, I'm telling people that as we grow in consciousness that stuff won't matter in the long run. Ironic. 

9.) We "unschool" our children, meaning we don't teach school at home. We let them follow their own interests. I have a sign in my closet that says: "Trust Children. Allow them to be the MASTERS they are." This still doesn't mean I know what the hell I'm doing however...

10.) I LOVE to garden. Actually scratch that, I LOVE to look at flowers in my garden. I love to greet them, water them, and follow their progress. I don't like to plant or transplant or maintain. Like me, my gardens are a hot mess ~ a beautiful mixture of Divine and weeds.


P.S. Sources I LOVE (and no, I'm getting paid):

Tosha Silver of Outrageous Openness

A Course In Miracles

Florence Scovel Shinn

Anna Grandmother of Jesus

The Sophia Code