You don't have to be religious to LOVE the Divine!

I gotta be honest, when I first started experiencing what I call the "Divine Mind" I was a bit taken aback with how religious it all felt. I started talking differently, thinking differently, and I had an entirely new point of reference.

And while this point of Divine reference was SO much better than what had been taking up space in my mind before,  I was starting to feel a little like a holy roller which was VERY unfamiliar to me.  It was almost an identity crisis! Especially because the only source of references I could find anywhere that could describe what I was experiencing were Christian resources.

I came to LOVE these Christian resources because I could relate to so much of what they believed, but I had to take frequent breaks to alleviate what I came to call "Christian hang-overs." While I love the same God they do, I'll take mine without the side orders of sin, repentance, and fear, thank you very much.

I know many more of us are beginning to wake up with a Divine Mind ~ where instead of having the tedious monologue in our head where we're trying to fix, control and figure everything out, we're engaging in a Divine Dialogue with our Source who LOVES US VERY MUCH. Our Divine Source will tell us beautiful and miraculous truths we could never imagined ourselves from our human vantage point. And when we wake up in the arms of the Divine we're going to want to talk about our experiences, our revelations, and our JOY...without feeling we need to convert.  So let's do that HERE and NOW. All God, no sin, no waiting...