Hot Mess Ministries Monday Sermon: Cleaning the Final Wounds (It's Not YOURS!)


Dearest Beloveds, This sermon is one I did on Oct 7th of 2018 and made available only by donation. Last night, I got a very clear Divine Directive to make it available to everybody, so here it is in full. It’s important information for the energy we are in right now, cleaning up final wounds. EVERYONE is cleaning/clearing something up, even if they’re not conscious of it. The info in this sermon will EMPOWER us to fully embrace our MAGNIFICENCE!

Hot Mess Ministries Monday Sermon March 18th, 2019

Welcome, Blessings, and Announcements

Intro to Today’s Sermon

Offering Plate


THE Wound of the “I AM.”

The Human, The Hero

Enlightenment is NOT “Searching for Joy.”

Tips to LEAN into the Sacred Emptiness and HEAL the Wound

Affirmations for the I AM

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