Blessings, Series, & Miracles


30 Day Surrender Series

The 30 Day Surrender Series is a return to Divine Sanity!

Throughout this program we will reprogram your mind to Divine Truth where reality can then be recreated around you according to the Divine Plan. Within the daily videos and affirmations you'll receive a host of Divine Tools that will help make life more effortless and miraculous. This is your conversation with the Divine and the answer to your prayers. There's no way you'll leave this 30 day program the same way you came in. Join me in the Divine Mind!

30 Day Surrender Series: $55


A Divine Offering: "Blessing blankies"

On assignment of the Divine Mother, I'm blessing and anointing little scraps of fabric in Her name to be used as a tangible affirmation that we will CLAIM the miracles she is so wanting to pour unto us. They've already been known to cure migraines (I can attest to this!), heal allergy symptoms, cure insomnia and bring in unexpected sums of money. (You really can't make this stuff up...)

Claim your Blessing Blankie: $30