About ME


My name is Kate Street and this blog is about my intimate relationship with God, whom I call my Divine Mother (or Mama D for short). On the cusp of 2018 I had an experience where my spiritual journey led to the doorway of Divine Surrender. It was then I opened my eyes and saw that I was firmly cradled in the arms of the Divine Mother (and had been the WHOLE time!) and SHE was going to take care of me now.

It was when I surrendered my life, my plans, my will, my dreams and desires to the Divine Mother in exchange for HER plan for me that we melded and I started thinking with what I call the "Divine Mind."

It was a surprising holy and sacred mind that I was now thinking with and I could find no frame of reference for it outside of religious sources. While I do agree with many things about religion, there are just as many things that I don't agree with. And I wanted to talk about my experiences without feeling I had to convert. That's what this website is all about.

Here I'll share my intimate relationship with the Divine Mother ~ how I talk to her, how she talks to me, the messages and assignments she gives me and how she's taking me down FAR better roads than I could have ever imagined myself.

Before starting this website I was solely devoted to helping mothers connect and bring in their unborn babies with my spirit baby work on Lovefrombaby.com.

I've loved that work for many years now but now that I'm bringing the Divine Mother into it, it's so much more powerful and miraculous than my wildest dreams.

I'm able to do SO much more WITH her than I ever could without her. Many days I sigh in relief and gratitude that I've REMEMBERED who I really am and where I really come from. The Divine Mother who loves us all more than words can say and has REALLY BIG plans for us. Let's get to know her better together.

I love you!

~ Kate